General Information for Parents

Student absence:  If you are going to keep your child at home for any reason, please notify the school office by 9:00 a.m. on the morning of the absence.  You may call the day before if you know your child will not be attending school.  If you do not call the school and your child is marked absent, the school office will attempt to contact you.  This is a courtesy call that is intended to protect the students.  If we are unable to make contact with a parent/guardian, the child's absence will be unexcused.


Make-up Work:  When your child is absent and you would like to request make-up work, please notify the office.  For grades K-5, the classroom teacher will have the assignments.  For grades 6-8, assignment books are kept in the office; and they may be copied.  Parents are welcome to get their child's books from his/her locker.  The locker number and combination are kept in the office.


Emergency Contacts:  If your child should feel ill or get injured at school, the school office will attempt to contact the parent/guardian first.  If we cannot reach the parent/guardian, we will then call the emergency contacts listed for your child.  Please make sure the office has updated phone numbers for you and at least two emergency contacts.


Medication:  If your child needs to take medication during the school day, it will be necessary for a parent/guardian to fill out and sign a Medication Authorization Form.  These forms are available in the school office and on our website at    Additionally, it is necessary to have your physician fill out the designated area for prescription medications.  These forms must be used.  Please do not send a handwritten note giving permission for medication to be administered.  According to state law, the school is not allowed to provide medication for students.  The parent or guardian must provide any medication given at school.  All prescription medication must be in a pharmacy container clearly marked with the student's name and recommended dosage.  The pharmacy will provide you with an extra bottle when requested.  All non-prescription medications must be in their original container.  Please do not send medication in unmarked containers, plastic bags, etc.


Lunch Accounts:  Our school uses a computerized lunch program to keep track of money deposited and meals eaten.  Each account is like a bank account.  Money is deposited into the account, and the proper amount is subtracted whenever the student eats lunch or breakfast.  If your child's account should fall below zero during the week, he/she may have two credit lunches and then a cheese sandwich and a carton of milk until a sufficient deposit is made.  In an effort to eliminate closing the school year with negative lunch accounts, the guideline for credit lunches will change toward the end of the school year.


Bus Passes:  Your child may ride a bus other than their regular bus.  A note from the parent is required before a bus pass will be issued.  This note must be dated and signed by the parent.  When a student must go home in a manner that is different from the usual routine, please notify the classroom teacher in writing.


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