Tuesday, January 1

No school

Winter break

Wednesday, January 2

No school

Winter break

Thursday, January 3

No  school

Winter break

Friday, January 4

No school

Winter break

Monday, January 7

Breakfast: Cherry frudel, fruit, juice

Lunch: Ravioli w/meat sauce, mixed  vegetables, mandarin oranges, cheese stick

Tuesday, January 8

Breakfast: Cereal, pop tart, fruit

Lunch: Pepperoni pizza, pasta bean salad, peaches, cookie

Wednesday, January 9

Breakfast: Cheese omelet, English muffin, fruit

Lunch: Turkey patty on bun, green beans, pears **No salad bar today **

Thursday, January 10

Breakfast: Zucchini bread, fruit, juice

Lunch: Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes w/gravy, cooked carrots, mixed fruit, dinner roll

Friday, January 11

Breakfast: Pancake, sausage, fruit

Lunch: Rib patty on bun, baked beans, pineapple ** No salad bar today**

Monday, January 14

Breakfast: Bagelful, fruit, juice

Lunch: Hotdog on bun, curly fries, broccoli, carrots, peaches

Tuesday, January 15

Breakfast: Donut, fruit, juice

Lunch: Fiestada pizza, lettuce salad, red and green pepper strips, orange wedges

Wednesday, January 16

Breakfast: French toast, bacon, fruit

Lunch: Grilled chicken on bun, baked beans, apple slices or oriental salad bar

Thursday, January 17

Breakfast: Breakfast taco, salsa, juice

Lunch: Pulled pork on bun, coleslaw, strawberries, ice cream

Friday, January 18

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, vegetable blend, juice

Lunch: Sun butter and jelly sandwich, cheese stick, cucumber slices, fruit slushie or salad bar

Monday, January 21

No school

No school

Tuesday, January 22

Breakfast: Chocolate chip muffin, yogurt, fruit

Lunch: Pepperoni pizza, lettuce salad, red/green pepper strips, peaches

Wednesday, January 23

Breakfast: Breakfast sandwich, hash browns, vegetable blend

Lunch: Pork patty on bun, corn, tomatoes, apple slices or salad bar w/soup

Thursday, January 24

Breakfast: Danish, fruit, juice

Lunch: Chili w/beans, cornbread, celery w/sun butter, grapes

Friday, January 25

Breakfast: Breakfast pizza, fruit, juice

Lunch: Meatloaf slice, sweet potato fries, dinner roll, honeydew melon or salad bar

Monday, January 28

Breakfast: Pancake/sausage wrap, fruit, juice

Lunch: Chicken patty on bun, corn, tomatoes, apple slices

Tuesday, January 29

Breakfast: Biscuit w/sausage gravy, vegetable mix, juice

Lunch: French bread pizza, lettuce salad, carrots, mixed fruit

Wednesday, January 30

Breakfast: Graham crackers, cereal, fruit

Lunch: Cheeseburger on bun, cucumber slices, cauliflower, pears or salad bar w/baked potato

Thursday, January 31

Breakfast: Rice Krispie treat, fruit, juice

Lunch: Taco stacks, lettuce salad, refried beans, salsa, pineapple

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